Non-Surgical Alternatives

Alternatives to Jaw Surgery

  • If you have been told that you have a bite that warrants jaw surgery, there’s a chance you may fall into the category of patients who we can treat with orthodontic treatment alone. We offer the most up-to-date orthodontic techniques which allow us to treat many patients with severe bite issues with orthodontic treatment alone and not jaw surgery.
  • It is absolutely true that some bites with a severe skeletal discrepancy require the jaws to be broken and moved into the proper position to achieve an acceptable final result. However, there are certain cases that can be treated in a safe, efficient, nonpainful, and stable manner with orthodontic treatment only. In some cases, these patients can be treated with Invisalign or clear aligners to get the bite correct; in other instances, we may recommend the use of MEAW (multi-loop) wires which are show below, if you’re deemed to be a qualified candidate, as there are limitations. If you have been told that jaw surgery is recommended, give us a call so we can see if you would qualify for another safe, nonsurgical, affordable alternative.
  • MEAW is a type of wire with multiple, adjustable loops, which are used to move the teeth to prevent having to have jaw surgery. The patient below was treated without jaw surgery, using this MEAW wire.

MEAW (multi-loop) wires – they simply allow Dr. Bronsen to apply force, in a specific manner, to teeth. They’re not magical, but they are quite powerful when used properly in the hands of an experienced orthodontist and coordinated with 100% rubber band wear (24/7). Patient elastic compliance is critical; without a guarantee of 100% elastic wear from the patient, this treatment option is not recommended. Fortunately, in the case below, the patient was able to be treated without jaw surgery, using the multi-loop wire technique.


Above: The wires are initially flat, with extra loops between the back teeth to make them flexible and adjustable.

Above: Depending on your clinical needs, the wires will be modified by Dr. Bronsen to get the desired result.

Above: An example of a jaw surgery patient who was denied by their insurance company (initial).

Above: Day #1, when the multi-loop wires were inserted.

Above: Day #60, after approximately 2 months of excellent elastics wear (elastics not shown)

Above: Day #90, after approximately 3 months, when the multi-loop wires were removed and regular straight wires were replaced.

Final result once all appliances were removed.

1 year into retention

1 year into retention: notice the bite has opened slightly, which is typical, but the overall result is still significantly improved.


Note: A written release was provided by the patient to allow for use and sharing of these images.