Does My Child Need Braces?

There is a window of opportunity to set your child up for success with a beautiful and healthy smile. You can save time and money on your child’s orthodontic treatment by reducing the severity of future problems, or preventing them completely.

  • Completely complimentary monitoring every 9-12 months
  • Includes photographs, x-rays, and reviewing any concerns you may have
  • Members of the Growth and Development program receive $250 off treatment if or when you start Phase 1!

We never prescribe treatment if your child doesn’t need it. As a parent himself, Dr. Schliep doesn’t take your trust for granted and will always be transparent with you. Submit your contact information and our team will reach out to schedule your child’s free Growth and Development consultation.

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    Dangers of Not Seeing An Orthodontist By Ages 7 to 10

    Higher Cost of Treatment

    If issues aren’t prevented early enough, treatment becomes more complex and costly.

    Impacted Teeth

    This refers to teeth that are not able to erupt and get stuck in bone or gums. Without a panoramic x-ray (by age 9 at the latest), you won’t be able to tell the problem is there until it’s too late. Left untreated, impacted teeth can cause problems with the roots of surrounding teeth, make it painful to chew, and may result in tooth loss.

    Jaw Surgery

    A jaw discrepancy may exist that we can balance and easily correct in early ages (underbite = by age 10). When issues with the jaw are left untreated, surgical intervention is often the only resolution.

    Longer Treatment Times

    Once the palate solidifies around puberty, more invasive and lengthy treatment is required. At age 7-10, impacted teeth may be treated within a few months using a palatal expander.


    Unnecessary Pulling of Teeth

    Unlike Orthodontists, General Dentists are not trained to diagnose or treat these issues. Your General Dentist may recommend extractions if there doesn’t appear to be enough space for teeth to erupt.