Lil Critter Club

KIDS CLUB (Age 2-6)

What is our Lil’ Critter Club?

  • A fun, anxiety-reducing dental Kids Club where your child will receive:
    • a yearly birthday card with ice cream certificate
    • t-shirt
    • in-office photo on our Lil’ Critter Club wall
    • eligible for in-office prizes
  • Benefits of club membership:
    • Promotes fun visits to reduce dental anxiety and encourage good brushing habits
    • Actively involves kids age 2-6
    • Kids NEVER receive anything in the mail these days. But every year, they will receive an actual birthday card from us!
    • Collection of our exclusive stickers series
    • Eligible to participate in our monthly contests to win fun prizes (movie tickets, gift cards, etc.)
    • When children reach age 7, automatically promoted to our dental Growth & Development Program (age 7-10) to screen for orthodontic issues that can be dangerous if not easily prevented.
    • Dr. Bronsen will coordinate with your Pediatric Dentist, as an orthodontist is needed to guide facial growth and adult tooth eruption. Only an orthodontist has expert knowledge on facial growth, correcting bad bites, unnecessary pulling of teeth, preventing impacted teeth, and reducing the cost of braces. Fortunately, Dr. Bronsen is honest and practices with integrity. He is there for you and your child, and he doesn’t take your trust for granted!

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    Take a look at these cute stickers your kids will receive when they join the Lil’ Critter Club!